The Banded Terrinsc



Male Banded Terrinsc

Banded Terrinsc are the most peculiar of all the creatures that live in the Balandic mountain range. They are small amphibious burrowers that were isolated here before the mountains were formed, about 300,000 years ago. They are thought to have descended from a large species of amphibious fish called the Sabulo that lives further down south near Yabun pass.


Detail of Banded Terrinsc's face

They have almost lost their eyes and are mostly blind. They rely on their sensitive whisker-covered noses to lead them through the deep darkness under the tundra. Banded Terrinsc burrow deep under ground with some burrowing as deep as 15 feet but most usually stay within the range of plant roots. Banded Terrinsc eat a variety of grasses, roots and insects. They move slowly and rarely surface. Their leathery skin is covered in small, unseen receptors to help locate moving prey deep underground. Females are usually larger than males but both exhibit the same markings and color. The underground of the Balandic Mountain range stays at a mild 55 degrees year round and so the Banded Terrinsc can live here year round.


Female Banded Terrinsc

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3 Responses to The Banded Terrinsc

  1. Josh says:

    If the Banded Terrinsc is descended from the Sabulo where did the 3rd pair of legs go?

    • admin says:

      They became vestigial and were lost as the Banded Terrinsc no longer needed them. Most still cary remnants of them along the sides of their bodies. (it might be hard to see it in the drawing, but they look like small flippers)

  2. Ellen says:

    I like your work here, and your art is very good.

    There is an error with this animal though: if the genus name is Terrinscae, then shouldn’t the species name must be Terrinscae natatomontis or Terrinscae barbatus?

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