Beginning the Bala

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Instead of staying quiet until the new website is posted, I thought I’d start to post some information on my process having to do with some of the newer species in Solturna. In this case I’ll begin with the Bala, which doesn’t have too much process to share but I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at what it might have looked like some time ago. The image above isn’t finished (as you can see). It does show a bit of how I begin to draw, which I will cover more in posts to come with the new species.

I’ve known what the updated Bala would look like since I began work with the Mardiks and so there aren’t really an abundance of sketches to post for the species. However, the term Bala came from a much older drawing that had little to do with the Morae River. It’s small because this is the only file I have of it:

early bala sketch

It’s interesting to go back and see how my process has evolved and grown since I started this project almost 2 years ago. In any case, the more recent depiction of the Bala look as if it could belong to the Pernixid family – that which the Mardiks belong to. The animal shown in the second drawing looks more like a Cula than anything else. Since I hadn’t actually depicted any Culas or Mardiks at that point, this could have been a starting point for both species.

The Bala will be referred to commonly just as Bala, not Spotted Bala even though it is in fact, spotted.

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  1. I can’t wait for the new website.

    I’m SE Forums user and co-admin Pandorasaurus, and I’d like to know if you’d like your website to be in the affiliates page?

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