Revisit: The Balandic Cula

I’ve been revisiting the fauna of the morae river recently and the species I’ve been altering lately is the balandic cula. Sketches are somewhat rare among my morae river work but I do have preliminary work for the balandic cula:

click for larger view

In the beginning, this species was thought to be a large predator. I quickly decided that the balandic cula was more suited to life as a scavenger. In these sketches the posture of the animal is more straight that what it would become later. I wanted to capture the scavenger-like character in the species and so I shortened the tail and arched the back:

click for larger view

I liked this design. In fact, this was the first animal I had rendered for the Morae River about a year ago. Recently, since I’ve begun to depict these animals in the computer, I’ve gone back to revisit them in more detail. I didn’t change much with this species – I lengthened the tail and make the body a little longer. They are still the same size and have the same behaviors and traits. The balandic cula – like all culas also walks on the soles of their feet. No depiction shows this yet but I’m hoping to realize it better this time around. Anyway, here is the final image for the balandic cula:

click for larger view

I’ll be posting more revisits and newer species soon. I’ve also updated the greater fugamus post with the final colored image so be sure to check him out as well.

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2 Responses to Revisit: The Balandic Cula

  1. SacredDutchman says:

    I like the new Cula look, it has more of a Hyena quality to to…almost looks like the next step up in the evolution of the ild version.

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