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The profile of a new predator. More about this species coming soon…

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14 Responses to Wide

  1. jacob says:

    i like this species. Im proud to be the first to comment on it. Nice Work!

  2. Hazry says:

    Interesting species you got there. Looking forward to its profile (:

  3. mordicai says:

    Just saw “Haggis” monsters pop-up on Boing Boing & went “you know, that looks like a very familiar style!” Congrats.

  4. Johnny Lee says:

    I love your artwork, if i could just get a job I’d buy both of your books. Immediately. I’ve gone through almost every page of your blog, your artwork is like a world I’d like to go to someday and escape from everything. I know I can’t but thank you for being gifted enough to express it in such beautiful art.

  5. josh says:

    Very very cool. If I could suggest a name? Horned Rhaeola (Ry-ola).

  6. Stephanie says:

    hi! just stumbled across this a few days ago and i have to say you’re work is amazing!
    the new predator looks cool…ever so slightly like a crested rhaeola. interesting to see how he’ll turn out

  7. jacob says:

    I came to this site hoping for updates. I found None! Please update!

  8. summer says:

    hi, i love your artwork ALOT.
    i have an project about ecosystems and making your own animals.
    i was wondering if you have any ideas. . .

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