Things have been busy as of late.

Life in general has been hectic with travels, work, projects, and the usual bits. The Morae River blog has been suffering from neglect lately. I have been thinking about this project every day (as I normally do). While I have been thinking of new species and environments, I can’t help but think that this project needs a change…

I have decided to move the Morae River’s location. The idea of Solturna being attached to a larger land mass isn’t what I have in mind for the rest of this project. Instead the River will now belong to The Island of Tul. I have been thinking about this change for quite some time and am very happy with the idea of making this a more isolated environment. As far as the continents around the island, the planet they might belong to, or the solar system this all ultimately exists within are concerned, this island is it’s own thing. I will not be exploring whatever is beyond the shores of Tul for the time being. Of course this change brings on a lot of challenges. Most of the species now might be void and/or severely edited because of the change in terrain and climate. I am excited to see where they might be after the island is fleshed out and Im anxious to push my design work further.

The Morae River was intended to be an exercise in creature design and world building and this will keep it moving forward creatively. This will all remain here at this url, however the blog will remain in place until more progress is made with the new setting. The new site launch is canceled indefinitely.

I appreciate all of your support in following my process here and I look forward to creating more of this world I’ve been thinking about for the last two years.

On a side note in regards to the disaster in the Gulf. If you’re interested in helping out you can visit WWF’s website for information on how you can help. It is important to keep our environment safe and healthy – after all, it’s what inspires us to create our own worlds…

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12 Responses to Transformation

  1. Johnny Lee says:

    I like the idea of it being an island. You see far more exotic, rare, and intricately balanced ecosystems like Madagascar, The Galapagos Archipelago, and at one point before human intervention Tasmania, etc. However it would be interesting to see more aquatic marine fauna.

  2. Kevin says:

    It’s a bummer we won’t ever see the completed work of solturna but I am very excited to see what’s next on the horizon. As long as the creativity is still flowing I’m all for it. Don’t keep us waiting too long to see what fantastical things you conjure up next!

  3. Charlie says:

    Certainly ideas and adaptations take place not only for Solturna but for you as well. I think the island is nice idea that will be a fascinating & uncommon path to traverse with creativity. It also solidifies the micro-evolutionary destinctions between some of the species. Who knows how big the land mass of the Island of Tul is going to be and where it is geographically located. It could have areas that have high peaks for arctic like climates and deep crater valleys that trap heat & moisture, who knows… I anxiously await to see more!

    • admin says:


      Thanks you! I’m very eager to get everything put together for the transition as well. Thank you for your comment!

  4. Can’t wait to see the new creatures, especially the flyers. Shame about the website though, I was really waiting for it.

    • admin says:


      Hey there! I’m sad about it too. I’m hoping to have it up by October this year though. Cross your fingers! ;)

  5. Phil says:

    I think the most interesting part of your project for me, is that you create these extraordinary creatures that are grounded in natural laws. That you’ve thought not just about how they look, but also about how they live, about how they interact with their environment. Whether they’re on an island or a sub-continent, isn’t so important (for me).

    I love seeing everything that you produce, so if moving the river to an island is what you need to do to take the project further then great. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    • admin says:

      Phil, Thank you very much! I appreciate your comment :) I’m excited to keep creating for this project.

      • kyle says:

        hi my names kyle your awsome and i was wondering will there be any other ecosystems on other continents you will be working on and will there be any prehistoric reptillian-like creatures you will be working on and possibly some more aquatic and flying creatures

  6. Brian says:

    Really look forward to where this is going. Island vs. Continent makes little difference. You can keep a lot of the designs/sketches by telling the origin of the island. It could be an island that was originally attached to the mainland. You can show the animals that died off do to the inability to adapt to the new smaller environment. Or perhaps keep many of them alive, but in small numbers compared to the mainland.

    • admin says:

      Definitely some considerations for the history of the island. I’m really wanting the populations to be highly specialized for life here on Tul. I’m glad you like the project! Thanks for following along! :D

      • kyle says:

        hi i am very intrigued and opern for new ideas but what about the other continents what will the species be like or what will you call the planet this island of tul will be on and what will some of the other continents and islands be named

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