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Work has begun on the Island of Tul. I’m currently writing about the characteristics of the island itself and drawing it as well. I’m excited to keep moving forward although with new projects and responsibilities happening, its becoming harder to spend as much time on this as I’d like to. Needless to say updates will be sparse…

In the midst of all of this change I’ve realized that the blog itself is in need of an update. The actual framework of the blog (wordpress, themes, plugins) keeps asking to be updated. I am pretty sure that it is held together with faulty coding and dental floss, thanks to yours truly – I am not the most skilled when it comes to PHP. I am actually a little surprised that it’s still standing. Luckily, I do have a good friend who has been more than willing to help me through my blogging adventures. The blog will be saved! Anyway, the blog will most likely be off and on for the next week or so as we clean everything out and re-upload all of the data back up to the database.

If you are subscribed to the blog, I have your email address stored. If I loose my subscriptions (which I’m hoping I won’t) I will add you back into the mailing list manually – so you might get an email stating that you have subscribed to the blog. Don’t be alarmed, I’m just adding you back in. Thank you again for following!

I’m excited to give the Morae River some much needed attention in the next few months. I’m hoping to have a lot of new content up for APE.

Thank you all again for following me in my journey with this project.

About the image above: This is a depiction of a Female Striped Mardik – the third species of the four that exist on the island. The image isn’t really finished, I’m considering it more of a “sketch”. For the next installments, I’m really wanting to capture more detail in the flora and fauna.

A quick edit on this post: The Morae River has a page on facebook. This is a good place to keep up with the updates that will made to the blog when it is down for updates. Twitter works well too.

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6 Responses to Stripes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s a really interesting species of mardik. Looks almost like a Thylacoleo or something.

  2. Sebastián says:

    hi, im new here but i will leave my opinion.
    You definitly hit it with the color and the stripes, specialy if it is an animal that lurks in the dark or the top of the trees. No doubt it is a powerful predator with the claws and the big muzzle but i think it the side claws are flaw if the animal needs to move througt the trees unless they are to be use in territorial combat or mating. Another thing i dont like is the shape of the body, because of the combination of the big and heavy predator on front and the thin body of a reptile on the rear. The tail looks great is it prensil?
    please apologize my english. cheers, Seb

    • Hello Sebastián, Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you leaving your opinion. The large dewclaws on the mardik are used for climbing and well as defense. I always imagined that they would use them as hooks to aid in grabbing onto branches. As far as the body is concerned I understand your point. I’m not a big fan of the foreshortening in this either, hehe. I plan to revisit this species, as I said before it was sort of a sketch. The body proportions are a bit extreme. I’m finding out that the tails of all mardiks are prehensile. It would definitely help in climbing through the tress to have a fifth “hand.” Thank you very much for your comment! :)

  3. That Mardik is SICK! Can’t wait till you fully release it.

    Hope the blog coding goes well. Can’t wait to hear about the islands info.
    An island is so much better. More isolation.

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