Catching Up…

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The show at Sagebrush was an awesome success! It turned out great, lots of friends and people showed up, and there was plenty of tea and wine! Overall it was a wonderful night.

I featured a few new creatures at the show, which I am including in this post. I’m currently working on alternate views of the new species – male and female depictions and such. The full profiles should be up soon.

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I’ve been producing prints of these fauna for the show and I’ve uploaded them to my store as well. I’ve decided to offer a special deal for online orders this December. Starting today, you can receive 15% off your print order by entering the coupon code: “MORAEDEC2010.”

Here are some of the newer fauna that were featured in the show. (one of them is a familiar face) More info on them coming soon!

Male Juloki

Female Ambul

Male Mountain Uru

Umbor - Gender Unknown

Life of the River

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13 Responses to Catching Up…

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  2. noah says:

    wow! your work is truly astounding which i’m sure you’ve heard a million times! i am an aspiring artist my self and i’ve been looking for something like this forever. i’m very big into fantasy, and im not sure if you’ve ever heard of Tony diterlizzi the illustrator for the spiderwick chronicles , but you have a very similar style which i really like! after i read his “arthur spiderwick’s field guide to the fantastical world around you” i’ve been searching for similar work ever since! nowadays it really dos’nt seem like there’s a whole lot of imagination or creativity ot there anymore! keep up the great work and when this is all said and done maybe you would consider making a field guide with all the fauna and flora! I know i would buy it in a heart beat!!!

    • Thank you Noah! I did make a book a while back but it is out of print – it was available through I love the Spiderwick books! Diterlizzi is an amazing artist and the whole idea is incredibly inspiring! Thanks for your kind comment :)

  3. Mexanik says:

    That’s amazing! But I was surprised by juloki- I thought it is low and thick creature %) Its mouth is apparently not for biting- spoon-like jaws is a good tool for digging molluscs and crustaceans out of sand, and location of its nostrils is similar to crocodile and other animals that spend much time in water. Also its neck is very big for that body %)

    PS: I was always interested where all these names came from : )

  4. Ryan says:

    Tea and wine? I’m a coffee and beer guy. For shame, Brynn.

  5. Charlie says:

    Hello, I stopped by Sagebrush last night and saw this art, and I was totally blown away by how amazing and intricate it is! I read all the captions, and I was impressed by just how much thought and time has clearly gone into this project. Needless to say, I googled it when I got home, and found this site. I’m an undergrad in Evolutionary Biology, and this sort of art is definitely my favorite kind. I think that the intersect between art and science is one of the most overlooked aspects of both of these fields, and your art definitely brings that to life in splendid fashion. Good work, hopefully I’ll see more of it in the future!

  6. Cephlaken says:

    Wow! It’s good to see some new fauna for the Morae River project. Are you going to add descriptions of these species?

  7. Michelle says:

    DAMMM! your work is awesome! but this creatures their fake right?

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