Moving On…

Boruka Glade

Things have been pretty hectic as of late. Some really wonderful opportunities have presented themselves recently and so any free time I’ve had has gotten more rare. The Morae River has helped me tremendously in securing some of the projects I’m working on currently. As you might guess they involve lots of creature design and such but I can only share so much. Recently, I have come to the realization that The Morae River needs to be put away for a bit. I’m done. It is in no way complete or even close to being a concise project yet but the basic idea is there. I cannot carry the project any further.

In the process of working as a freelance artist/illustrator I have learned so much about myself and what it is that I want to see and create. The Morae River turns 3 this spring. My work and the way I look at the world has changed so much since I started the project. I have found out recently that Solturna or the Island of Tul is not the place I’d like to be. It’s not a very big project but it has gotten a fair amount of attention through the internet. Those of you who have followed this blog for some time have my thanks for always being supportive of my efforts. Really, it has been so much fun.

I am working on a website that will present the project more efficiently for people to view. While I’m not as excited about this project anymore it has done tons for me and deserves to be displayed properly. The blog will remain in place but will probably be moved to a sub-domain that is linked to the website.

While the Morae River won’t be developing any further there are new personal projects that have been floating around in my head for a bit. I will post updates here about those as soon as they take shape.

Thank you all for coming with me on this journey. It really has been what I wanted it to be – a personal exploration.

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10 Responses to Moving On…

  1. mordicai says:

    Overlooking the fact that this was posted on April 1st, I’ll be happy to see whatever creative endeavors you move on to.

  2. Anthony Docimo says:

    I’m wishing you all the best in everything.

    I’m sad that you’re setting Morae aside, but am glad it helped you so much. I look forwards to whatever you do next.

    have nice days and be well.

  3. Looking forward to your next endeavour. If you cannot divulge yet what it is, can you give a hint when there’s more to be learned?

  4. egdg says:

    Best of luck

  5. Calum says:

    I am a little sad that this won’t be continued, but Your other projects sound amazing

  6. hannah says:

    i found your work through the uppercase blog and wow. i am sure you have heard it many times before, but one more time couldn’t hurt… you are an amazing illustrator with superior creativity! this project, however incomplete or complete it may be, is so great; i love that you created an entire ecosystem! your future is bright girl! i hope you have a nice pair of shades ;)

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