Great Horned Owl by Dugald Stermer

As most of you know, The Morae River project has come to a close this year. The whole idea to even start the project in the first place was a guided one. I received grievous news on Friday, December 2nd. My former professor, Dugald Stermer, passed away that afternoon.

Dugald was a huge influence, not only on The Morae River project, but in all of my work. He was passionate about wildlife and worked hard to promote conservation and education in natural science. Dugald always pushed us to research everything in class whether it was about politics or tubers. He was incredibly generous and extremely hardworking. I know he was a beloved friend to countless others and while I only knew him for just under three years, I considered him a valued friend. He was an excellent mentor and was never quick to turn any student away based on skill or ideas. He was always more than willing to work with us.

I feel so fortunate to have met him and even more so to be included in his final round of teaching thesis at CCAC. He was one of the many instructors who always encouraged me to focus my attention on creatures and world building. I always felt like he believed in what I was doing. If not for this man and his constant encouragement and questioning, I probably would have not created this project at all. The Morae River has helped me learn in so many ways and has opened numerous doors for my own career. It had been my escape and my love and even still I visit this place from time to time. The Morae River is a very special place to me and hearing such sad news made me immediately want to run back to it.

I just wanted to say thanks Duglad.

Thanks for always pushing me to get it just right. To make sure that the eyes were communicating. Thanks for suggesting the idea to include a size-ratio-to-human-graphic. You were right, it totally helped. For always asking me “why”. Thanks for believing in this project, sometimes more than even I did.

Thanks Dugald. I’ll miss you…

See Dugald’s work

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