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When I started the Morae River project I was working in strictly pencil. I would use a small mechanical pencil on smooth bristol paper, usually on 12X9 sized pads. After the drawing was completed, I’d scan it into the computer to color using photoshop CS3.

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Recently, I have been working exclusively in photoshop CS3 – doing the pencil drawing with a fine digital brush and then laying in color underneath the line work.

If you have any other questions about my process feel free to contact me about it or comment on this page.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Your working is stunning as always and I am amazed that you made the complete transistion to PS3 and your work preserves its aesthetic and strengths. I guess I’m still stuck in the illustrating on paper, scan then color mode. You can see for yoserlf, and I am seeking to turn more of my blk n white work to color because of this reason and desire for complete transition: madjaguar.deviantart.com. How did you make the final transistion?

    • Hi Charlie,
      Thanks! When I work digitally I try to preserve the technique I would use traditionally. This means not using lots of filters or pre-made textures -Not that there is anything wrong with using them. I find that when I work as I would have using an actual pencil and watercolor, I am able to keep close to the same aesthetic. Really, the only reason why I switched was for edibility. Because these creature seem to go through many revisions, it’s easier for me to edit them in a photoshop file. It was also a way for me to tech myself photoshop. I hope this answers your question. You have beautiful work by the way – your pencil work is really great! :)

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