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The blog updates went well as you can see and The Morae River is back up and ready for new updates! I’m happy with the newer look of the website. The menu option above is going to keep things cleaner. There are a few new pages that have been added to the website. First, a Contact page for easier communication. Feel free to send me a message! I also added a page that explains a little of my process to hopefully answer one of the more popular questions I get asked. - About the Artwork.

As far as bugs go, the RSS is still having some trouble. My friend is going to look at it to make sure we can get that fixed – I know a few people have commented on it. Also, “Internal Server Errors” do seem to pop up rarely. If you reload the page it should be fine. Most of these little glitches should be taken care of by next week.

Anyone who was subscribed to the blog before the update is still on the list for updates to the blog. The updates didn’t affect that aspect of the blog, thankfully.

I’ve included an image of the most recent species to be added to Tul. I’ll be posting a full profile on this organism once the female’s depiction is finished. Hopefully after that I can begin to post species more regularly.

Thanks you all for your patience and support through with this project. I appreciate your following.

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Work has begun on the Island of Tul. I’m currently writing about the characteristics of the island itself and drawing it as well. I’m excited to keep moving forward although with new projects and responsibilities happening, its becoming harder to spend as much time on this as I’d like to. Needless to say updates will be sparse…

In the midst of all of this change I’ve realized that the blog itself is in need of an update. The actual framework of the blog (wordpress, themes, plugins) keeps asking to be updated. I am pretty sure that it is held together with faulty coding and dental floss, thanks to yours truly – I am not the most skilled when it comes to PHP. I am actually a little surprised that it’s still standing. Luckily, I do have a good friend who has been more than willing to help me through my blogging adventures. The blog will be saved! Anyway, the blog will most likely be off and on for the next week or so as we clean everything out and re-upload all of the data back up to the database.

If you are subscribed to the blog, I have your email address stored. If I loose my subscriptions (which I’m hoping I won’t) I will add you back into the mailing list manually – so you might get an email stating that you have subscribed to the blog. Don’t be alarmed, I’m just adding you back in. Thank you again for following!

I’m excited to give the Morae River some much needed attention in the next few months. I’m hoping to have a lot of new content up for APE.

Thank you all again for following me in my journey with this project.

About the image above: This is a depiction of a Female Striped Mardik – the third species of the four that exist on the island. The image isn’t really finished, I’m considering it more of a “sketch”. For the next installments, I’m really wanting to capture more detail in the flora and fauna.

A quick edit on this post: The Morae River has a page on facebook. This is a good place to keep up with the updates that will made to the blog when it is down for updates. Twitter works well too.

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Things have been busy as of late.

Life in general has been hectic with travels, work, projects, and the usual bits. The Morae River blog has been suffering from neglect lately. I have been thinking about this project every day (as I normally do). While I have been thinking of new species and environments, I can’t help but think that this project needs a change…

I have decided to move the Morae River’s location. The idea of Solturna being attached to a larger land mass isn’t what I have in mind for the rest of this project. Instead the River will now belong to The Island of Tul. I have been thinking about this change for quite some time and am very happy with the idea of making this a more isolated environment. As far as the continents around the island, the planet they might belong to, or the solar system this all ultimately exists within are concerned, this island is it’s own thing. I will not be exploring whatever is beyond the shores of Tul for the time being. Of course this change brings on a lot of challenges. Most of the species now might be void and/or severely edited because of the change in terrain and climate. I am excited to see where they might be after the island is fleshed out and Im anxious to push my design work further.

The Morae River was intended to be an exercise in creature design and world building and this will keep it moving forward creatively. This will all remain here at this url, however the blog will remain in place until more progress is made with the new setting. The new site launch is canceled indefinitely.

I appreciate all of your support in following my process here and I look forward to creating more of this world I’ve been thinking about for the last two years.

On a side note in regards to the disaster in the Gulf. If you’re interested in helping out you can visit WWF’s website for information on how you can help. It is important to keep our environment safe and healthy – after all, it’s what inspires us to create our own worlds…

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The profile of a new predator. More about this species coming soon…

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Revisit: The Balandic Cula

I’ve been revisiting the fauna of the morae river recently and the species I’ve been altering lately is the balandic cula. Sketches are somewhat rare among my morae river work but I do have preliminary work for the balandic cula:

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In the beginning, this species was thought to be a large predator. I quickly decided that the balandic cula was more suited to life as a scavenger. In these sketches the posture of the animal is more straight that what it would become later. I wanted to capture the scavenger-like character in the species and so I shortened the tail and arched the back:

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I liked this design. In fact, this was the first animal I had rendered for the Morae River about a year ago. Recently, since I’ve begun to depict these animals in the computer, I’ve gone back to revisit them in more detail. I didn’t change much with this species – I lengthened the tail and make the body a little longer. They are still the same size and have the same behaviors and traits. The balandic cula – like all culas also walks on the soles of their feet. No depiction shows this yet but I’m hoping to realize it better this time around. Anyway, here is the final image for the balandic cula:

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I’ll be posting more revisits and newer species soon. I’ve also updated the greater fugamus post with the final colored image so be sure to check him out as well.

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Revisit: The Greater Fugamus

In going back and looking through the content of The Morae River, I’ve been editing a few of the species here and there. The fugamus was one that I wanted to make a quadruped. I have other plans for bipedal species in Solturna but those will come later. Anyway, since The Morae River is one area in my work where I get to experiment, I thought I’d move into more digital work. Here is some process of how I completed this drawing:

Like most drawings I start, whether it be analogue or digital, I always start with a very basic sketch.

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Most of what I am doing is figuring out the pose and gesture of the subject. Because I had worked with the Fugamus before, I was already familiar with how it was going to look in its quadrupedal form. To be honest, I’m not much of a sketcher when it comes to this sort of thing – particularly The Morae River. This is probably due to the fact that every animal I include in this blog starts out like this:


As I am writing for each species, most of the visuals have been worked out in my head. When I then go to draw the species I usually know what it looks like. However, there are some species who are a little trickier to flesh out and I’ll be exploring those more soon. Here is the final pencil for this male greater fugamus:

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~ Here is the colored version of this pencil:

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Beginning the Bala

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Instead of staying quiet until the new website is posted, I thought I’d start to post some information on my process having to do with some of the newer species in Solturna. In this case I’ll begin with the Bala, which doesn’t have too much process to share but I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at what it might have looked like some time ago. The image above isn’t finished (as you can see). It does show a bit of how I begin to draw, which I will cover more in posts to come with the new species.

I’ve known what the updated Bala would look like since I began work with the Mardiks and so there aren’t really an abundance of sketches to post for the species. However, the term Bala came from a much older drawing that had little to do with the Morae River. It’s small because this is the only file I have of it:

early bala sketch

It’s interesting to go back and see how my process has evolved and grown since I started this project almost 2 years ago. In any case, the more recent depiction of the Bala look as if it could belong to the Pernixid family – that which the Mardiks belong to. The animal shown in the second drawing looks more like a Cula than anything else. Since I hadn’t actually depicted any Culas or Mardiks at that point, this could have been a starting point for both species.

The Bala will be referred to commonly just as Bala, not Spotted Bala even though it is in fact, spotted.

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Here is a screen shot of how the creatures will be displayed for each region. Please note: some of the region names are incorrect. These are not final.

…And so the process of getting the new website up continues. The site is a lot larger than I had originally anticipated and I’ve been running into some problems with the actual design. I’m currently trying to figure out how to format the menus for each species while keeping the navigation consistent and simple. It’s proving to be harder than I thought. My builder is also very busy with other projects he’s been working on for clients. (In case I hadn’t mentioned it before my builder is my partner – John) We are slowly hammering away at it together in our extra time.

In any case, I apologize for the delay in this. Its more a technical delay rather than a lack of material to draw and write about. I have plenty of new stuff to show you all but I’d like to get the new site up and running before I go posting it all. There are new regions I’ve discovered including wetlands, caves and deserts.

John – my builder/partner has estimated that it will be finished with by mid-April at the latest.

Please feel free to comment to share ideas about things too. I’ve gotten a few requests about a place for suggestions and I’m looking into it for the future. You may comment on any post or page and I’ll see it. There have been a few cases in which comments are put into my spam folder. I’m not sure why this happens but I go through all of my spam to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I apologize in advance but I need that spam filter – its saved me from lots of nasty spam!

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting in this project. It means a lot to me.

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