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I am very happy to announce that prints from The Morae River will now be available through Etsy! With A.P.E. coming up this month I thought I’d list a few things on here a bit early. I’m starting out with … Continue reading

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Revisit: The Greater Fugamus

In going back and looking through the content of The Morae River, I’ve been editing a few of the species here and there. The fugamus was one that I wanted to make a quadruped. I have other plans for bipedal … Continue reading

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The Greater Fugamus

The Greater Fugamus is a large bipedal rodent that populates a vast majority of Yabun Forest. Females live in small herds of about eight while males are solitary. Both sexes posses a pair of enlarged top canine teeth, although the males … Continue reading

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Yabun Forest

Solturna’s Garden Paradise Yabun Forest (commonly known and The High Wood) is a montane moist forest that is situated west of the Balandic Mountains. It holds 75 percent of Solturna’s flora species and is the second largest forest on the … Continue reading

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