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Work has begun on the Island of Tul. I’m currently writing about the characteristics of the island itself and drawing it as well. I’m excited to keep moving forward although with new projects and responsibilities happening, its becoming harder to … Continue reading

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Print Collection

In the process of creating this “experiment” that I had mentioned before, I have decided to make it available for purchase once completed. The final product will be a six page comic that illustrates a fight for hierarchy between two … Continue reading

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New Direction

Now that the Morae River’s show has passed and things have settled down a bit, I’ve been able to take a step back and really look at this project. What I have done so far has been very brief and … Continue reading

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The Red Tailed Mardik

The Red Tailed Mardik (mardik stirpitus cursor) Family: Pernixus Genus: Mardik Species: Mardik Stirpitus Cursor Red Tailed Mardiks are the largest tree climbers in Yabun Forest. Males can weigh up to 11 kilograms and females about 9. They have rough, … Continue reading

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