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Work has begun on the Island of Tul. I’m currently writing about the characteristics of the island itself and drawing it as well. I’m excited to keep moving forward although with new projects and responsibilities happening, its becoming harder to … Continue reading

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Things have been busy as of late. Life in general has been hectic with travels, work, projects, and the usual bits. The Morae River blog has been suffering from neglect lately. I have been thinking about this project every day … Continue reading

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The profile of a new predator. More about this species coming soon…

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Revisit: The Balandic Cula

I’ve been revisiting the fauna of the morae river recently and the species I’ve been altering lately is the balandic cula. Sketches are somewhat rare among my morae river work but I do have preliminary work for the balandic cula: In … Continue reading

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Revisit: The Greater Fugamus

In going back and looking through the content of The Morae River, I’ve been editing a few of the species here and there. The fugamus was one that I wanted to make a quadruped. I have other plans for bipedal … Continue reading

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Beginning the Bala

Instead of staying quiet until the new website is posted, I thought I’d start to post some information on my process having to do with some of the newer species in Solturna. In this case I’ll begin with the Bala, … Continue reading

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Here is a screen shot of how the creatures will be displayed for each region. Please note: some of the region names are incorrect. These are not final. …And so the process of getting the new website up continues. The … Continue reading

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The Black Mardik

The black mardik is the second largest tree climber in Yabun forest as well as the second largest mardik. Males can weigh up to nine kilograms and females up to seven. They are black in color with faint spotting and … Continue reading

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