Spring in the Red Valley

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The first official post has been put up on The Red Valley! Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more updates there. I’m very excited to be working on a new project as I have learned so much from The Morae River. Thanks for your support!

Spring in The Red Valley: http://www.theredvalley.com/2012/02/spring/

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Great Horned Owl by Dugald Stermer

As most of you know, The Morae River project has come to a close this year. The whole idea to even start the project in the first place was a guided one. I received grievous news on Friday, December 2nd. My former professor, Dugald Stermer, passed away that afternoon.

Dugald was a huge influence, not only on The Morae River project, but in all of my work. He was passionate about wildlife and worked hard to promote conservation and education in natural science. Dugald always pushed us to research everything in class whether it was about politics or tubers. He was incredibly generous and extremely hardworking. I know he was a beloved friend to countless others and while I only knew him for just under three years, I considered him a valued friend. He was an excellent mentor and was never quick to turn any student away based on skill or ideas. He was always more than willing to work with us.

I feel so fortunate to have met him and even more so to be included in his final round of teaching thesis at CCAC. He was one of the many instructors who always encouraged me to focus my attention on creatures and world building. I always felt like he believed in what I was doing. If not for this man and his constant encouragement and questioning, I probably would have not created this project at all. The Morae River has helped me learn in so many ways and has opened numerous doors for my own career. It had been my escape and my love and even still I visit this place from time to time. The Morae River is a very special place to me and hearing such sad news made me immediately want to run back to it.

I just wanted to say thanks Duglad.

Thanks for always pushing me to get it just right. To make sure that the eyes were communicating. Thanks for suggesting the idea to include a size-ratio-to-human-graphic. You were right, it totally helped. For always asking me “why”. Thanks for believing in this project, sometimes more than even I did.

Thanks Dugald. I’ll miss you…

See Dugald’s work

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A while back I was asked about answering interview questions about my project The Morae River for Uppercase Magazine. I agreed and to my surprise the Uppercase team was the Renegade Craft Fair, this last weekend in San Francisco. I was able to meet the team and see the magazines! It’s an excellent publication, if I can say so myself. It’s filled with inspiring, beautiful and quirky things and so I was honored (and completely surprised) that they’d want to have an article about my work. It all came together great!

Anyway, head down to your local magazine shop or visit Uppercase online and check out my interview in issue 10! The 10th issue had two covers – two adorable dogs in bow-ties! I suggest picking one up!

Special thanks to the team at Uppercase and Super Special thanks to Glen Dresser for contacting me about the interview and asking excellent questions! :)

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Moving On…

Boruka Glade

Things have been pretty hectic as of late. Some really wonderful opportunities have presented themselves recently and so any free time I’ve had has gotten more rare. The Morae River has helped me tremendously in securing some of the projects I’m working on currently. As you might guess they involve lots of creature design and such but I can only share so much. Recently, I have come to the realization that The Morae River needs to be put away for a bit. I’m done. It is in no way complete or even close to being a concise project yet but the basic idea is there. I cannot carry the project any further.

In the process of working as a freelance artist/illustrator I have learned so much about myself and what it is that I want to see and create. The Morae River turns 3 this spring. My work and the way I look at the world has changed so much since I started the project. I have found out recently that Solturna or the Island of Tul is not the place I’d like to be. It’s not a very big project but it has gotten a fair amount of attention through the internet. Those of you who have followed this blog for some time have my thanks for always being supportive of my efforts. Really, it has been so much fun.

I am working on a website that will present the project more efficiently for people to view. While I’m not as excited about this project anymore it has done tons for me and deserves to be displayed properly. The blog will remain in place but will probably be moved to a sub-domain that is linked to the website.

While the Morae River won’t be developing any further there are new personal projects that have been floating around in my head for a bit. I will post updates here about those as soon as they take shape.

Thank you all for coming with me on this journey. It really has been what I wanted it to be – a personal exploration.

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Catching Up…

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The show at Sagebrush was an awesome success! It turned out great, lots of friends and people showed up, and there was plenty of tea and wine! Overall it was a wonderful night.

I featured a few new creatures at the show, which I am including in this post. I’m currently working on alternate views of the new species – male and female depictions and such. The full profiles should be up soon.

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I’ve been producing prints of these fauna for the show and I’ve uploaded them to my store as well. I’ve decided to offer a special deal for online orders this December. Starting today, you can receive 15% off your print order by entering the coupon code: “MORAEDEC2010.”

Here are some of the newer fauna that were featured in the show. (one of them is a familiar face) More info on them coming soon!

Male Juloki

Female Ambul

Male Mountain Uru

Umbor - Gender Unknown

Life of the River

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Updates have taken a back seat these days with contract and freelance work being my first priority. I do have some news though: This November I will be having a solo exhibition at Sagebrush Cafe.

The show will be up from November 20th to February 11th. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, Nov. 20th and 5pm if anyone can make it out to see the show! It will be lots of fun and I’m very excited to be showing in this space as it belongs to an amazing friend of mine. The work I will be displaying will all be fore sale and I will have smaller unframed prints as well. If you live in the L.A. area, Sagebrush is very easy to get to. If you live in the area I hope you can make it out to see the show – there will be plenty of good drinks!

You can also find the even on facebook: The Morae River @ Sagebrush

The More River website is also back up on the table for revision. Once this show passes and I get a few projects out of the way, updates should be happening (hopefully). These days its hard to work on this project as much as I’d like, however, because of this show – there is new work to be seen. Soon!

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5x7 prints

I am very happy to announce that prints from The Morae River will now be available through Etsy! With A.P.E. coming up this month I thought I’d list a few things on here a bit early. I’m starting out with two prints for now – the creatures I have been able to re-visit. These images are available at 5×7 and 8×10. They are all signed by me before being packaged and shipped. Currently, I am only able to accept payment through Pay Pal. Some of the other images will be available as limited edition prints later. Most of those will be older, out-dated designs that won’t be carried over in further depictions. I’d like to know what you’re interested in too. If you’d like to see a specific print added to the store, you can tell me by commenting in this post, via etsy, or by sending me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Check out the store here –> The Morae River on Etsy!

The Morae River will be at A.P.E. this year along with my other work from Fish Hook Studio and Brynnart.com. If you’re located in the Bay Area or will be during Oct. 16th and 17th you should stop by my table (table # 216) and say hello. I will have these two prints along with a few others for sale at the convention. Hope to see you there!

The Morae River will also be having another show in November. I will post details about it later, here on the blog. More updates are on the way and will be more frequent after A.P.E. has passed.


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The Southern Coast

Southern Coast of Tul

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The coasts of Tul range from rocky and jagged rocks to smooth sand covered beaches. The southern coasts of the island are riddled with steep, jagged cliffs that fall abruptly into the ocean. All of the coastal sands of Tul are colored a deep dark grey, due to the volcanic origin of the island. While the coasts are home to a variety of organisms, life can be hard near the oceans. Cold currents from the south bring a thick fog to the south coasts as it collides with the warmer air from the island. The ocean is harsh here as the surf crashes relentlessly into the rocky piers that make up the southern edges of the island.

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